Basic Polity Class 01

Polity Class 02

Constituent Assembly

Composition and formation

·         Election of members

o    Indirect election

o    Nomination

Objective Resolution

·         Introduction

·         Motives and objectives

·         Explanation 

Written and unwritten constitution

·         Definitions

·         Idea about the origin

·         Differences

Features of Indian Constitution

·         Written constitution

ü  Codified

ü  Single set of provisions

·         Voluminous


Sources of Indian Constitution

·         Ireland – Directive Principles pf State Policy

·         U.K. – rule of law, parliamentary system etc.

·         U.S.A.- fundamental rights, judicial review, office of vice president etc.


Parliamentary and presidential system

·         Basic overview

·         Features of parliamentary form

ü  Nominal president

ü  Council of ministers

ü  Collective responsibility

ü  Harmony between executive and legislature


·         Features of presidential form

ü  Real president

ü  Separation of power

ü  Accountability to president

Topic for the next class: Features of the Indian constitution -Federalism

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