Basic Polity Class 01

Polity Class 02

Parliamentary System

§  Indian Parliamentary System

§  Features

§  U K Parliamentary System

§  Features

§  Comparison between Indian and UK Parliamentary System


Forms of Polity

§  Federal Polity

§  Features

§  Major requirements to maintain Federal Spirits

§  Unitary Polity

§  Features


§  Comparison between Federal and Unitary Polity



Parliamentary Sovereignty VS Judicial Supremacy

§  Basic Features with examples covering various countries


Nature of Indian Federal System

§  Quasi-Federal VS Federal sui-generis debate


Features of Indian Federalism

§  Distribution of Powers

§  Supremacy of the Constitution

§  Written Constitution

§  Rigidity of the Constitution

§  Independent Judiciary


Distinctive Features of Indian Federalism

§  How it differs from American Federalism

§  Single Constitution for Union and States ( except J &K)

§  Single Citizenship

§  Single Flag

§  Integrated Judiciary


Deviant Features

§  How Indian Constitution is also Unitary

§  National Emergency (Article 352)

§  Power to change the name, area and boundary of a State by Parliament (Article 3)



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